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Radio and Electronics Association of Southern Tasmanian Inc.
VK7 Awards, Contests & Nets

Tassie Devil Award

TASMANIA, the beautiful island state of Australia exhibits many unique features, one of which is the Tasmanian Devil. This "Award" is named after it.

How to Qualify for the AwardGoto Top of Page

To qualify for the award it is necessary to make contact with a certain number of Tasmanian amateurs, dependant upon your own location as indicated below.



50 Contacts

Oceania and Antarctica

30 Contacts

North America and Asia

20 Contacts

Europe and South America

10 Contacts


7 Contacts.

VHF/UHFGoto Top of Page

Contact to be made with 20 VK7 stations with at least one contact made in each of the Southern, Northern and North Western areas.

Repeaters may be utilised.

Satellite contacts via amateur satellites with cross band to HF allowed if licence conditions allow.


Contact to be made with 30 VK7 stations by any amateur using the IRLP system whether within Australia or overseas.

Claim for the Award

To make a claim for the Tasmanian Devil Award, applicants must forward:

  1. copy of claim logs with the applicant's name, address and callsign;

  2. copy of claim logs indicating the callsign of stations contacted, the band, date, time, mode of emission and signal reports exchanged with each station worked;

  3. copy of claim logs to be signed by the applicant. No counter signatures are required; and

  4. each claim for the award is to be accompanied by AUD $5.00 or equivalent in IRC's to cover the cost of the Award and postage.

All contacts made since 1 January 1978 are allowed for this award.Goto Top of Page


Copies of logs and the fee are to be sent to:

The Awards Manager
GPO Box 371
HOBART  7001

Description of Award

The Award measures 205 mm by 230 mm, printed on pale light blue card with a map of Tasmania in green in the centre. The head of a Tasmanian Devil, in black with a red nose and mouth is printed within the map of Tasmania.

devilaward.jpg (55380 bytes)

Amateurs holding the "TASMANIAN DEVIL AWARD" are reminded that upgrades are available for the award. Presently held are 150, 200, 250 and 300 upgrades. If you qualify for any of the these upgrades, please forward a copy of your logs as outlined above and an upgrade sticker will be forwarded.Goto Top of Page


Herman Westerhof VK7HW
Awards Manager
Radio and Ele
ctronics Association of Southern Tasmania


Ben VK7BEN is pleased to advise of the winners of the Athol Johnson Memorial Contest, and the John Grace perpetual Trophy that was run as part of the contest. The Overall winner of the Contest was Steve VK7XOR with a total of 641 points, and the winner of the inaugural John Grace Perpetual Trophy was Tony VK7FACC.

VK7FACC&RGrace.jpg (145691 bytes)Tony VK7FACC, John Grace Trophy winner with the son (Rick) of John Grace who presented the trophy in foreground.

Rick is the son of John Grace and Rick described his Father's love of the hobby and amusing child-hood experiences of amateur radio, camping and traipsing up mountains and hills "to get better signals". Thanks Rick.

AtholJohnsonTrophyWinnersVK7XOR&VK7FACC.jpg (182522 bytes)Mug-shot of Steve VK7XOR winner of the Athol Johnson Trophy and Tony VK7FACC - John Grace Trophy Winner.

Congratulations Guys.

(Ben, VK7BEN, AJ Contest Manager)

After an absence of some 25 years, the Athol Johnson Contest took place on the third weekend in February 2008 and was held between the hours of 10am and 6pm Tassie Time! 

AtholJohnson2008MtWellington.jpg (65788 bytes)Tom VK7NML, Ben VK7BEN and Tony VK7FACC on Mt Wellington during the contest.

Attention all foundation licensees  - There's a trophy that only you can win! The inaugural John Grace Perpetual Trophy will be awarded to the foundation licensee with the highest accumulated score! 

John_Grace_Trophy.jpg (38757 bytes)John Grace Perpetual Trophy

This is a great time to learn about how much fun contesting can be. Being a F Call, experience the thrill of pileups as people desperately clamor for your contact to get the special F Call multiplier!

AJMPlaque.jpg (178336 bytes)AJ Memorial PlaqueGoto Top of Page

Even if you aren't the top scorer, you are still  winner, with certificates awarded to all participants, with your score included. 

Web link: AJ Contest Website

Tassie Trout AwardGoto Top of Page

Points or "kilograms of trout" are awarded for contacts made with Central Highlands Amateur Radio Club of Tasmania members. The Club callsign gains you 3kg of trout, the President, 2kg, etc. Once you have 14kg of trout you can claim the basic award, 25kg gold award and 50kg platinum award.

For more information please take a look at:

Sewing Circle Net

At 17:00 (local Tasmanian time) each day on 3.589MHz there is a friendly gathering of amateurs from a number of States that have a general rag-chew session about anything and everything. All amateurs are welcome. The Sewing Circle get together each year near Christmas for a social gathering.

Tassie DevilGoto Top of Page & Tassie Trout Nets

On Thursday nights at 20:00-20:30 (local Tasmanian time) on 3.585MHz CHARCT gather before their quiz net to enable contacts with Tasmanian amateurs to be made to gather points toward the Tassie Devil and Tassie Trout award. All amateurs are welcome.


The Central Highlands Amateur Radio Club of Tasmania run a quiz net on Thursday night on 3.585MHz at 20:30 (local Tasmanian time). This quiz net involves a quizmaster asking a range of questions and each person contributing an answer and then a tally of correct answers determines the winner who runs the quiz for the next week. All amateurs are welcome.

For more information please take a look at:



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